Add $149.99 for free shipping. Min Order $50
Add $149.99 for free shipping. Min Order $50

How to dropship and sell online


Right Style at Right Time - The Real Choice



One Click Add to List

Easily and quickly make list of styles that speaks to your audience. Robust search and select options available to make your collection.



One Click Import to Store

Add products from List to Store.
AutoSync Stock while maintain full control of your store edits.



Own your Pricing

Your Store-Your Collection-Your markup.

TrendDrop,now available at shopify marketplace, is one of the easiest option available for sourcing without risk available today. It also gives you the freedom to customize your content and pricing as per your brand positioning.


$ 20 per month
  • Charged Monthly
  • 30 Days Free
  • @ 0.67/ Day Auto Sync Inventory


$ 15 per month

  • Charged Annually
  • 30 Days Free
  • @ 0.49/Day Build your business for today's market

Demo of TrendDrop

See see how to automate inventory tutorial video.



Add App

Add TrendDrop to your store frpm marketplace.



Select products

Select and Make list of Styles for your store.



Add to Store

Adjust sell price for profit margin and confirm the styles from the list and add to store.



Add to Collection and Publish

Go to shopify product catalog and complete the publishing processes.

Dropsip FAQ


You can manually download images and post to your site or social media. Mark them for wish list to quick instock check.

You will need to create an dropship account and place order. Ensure your account is converted to dropship before you you attempt to checkout. Account type is shown at the top rigth hand corner once you login.