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Alternative to Likes of Paparazzi and Stella & Dot

Alternative to Direct Sales Companies

There are many reasons why people are interested in working with direct sales companies. For one, it can be a great way to learn sales tactics and build a network of potential customers. Direct sales companies often provide a platform and system for their representatives to use, making it easier to get started. However, few people who work with direct sales companies can achieve the desired success.

This is because direct sales companies often limit how their representatives can sell their products. For example, $5 jewelry companies typically only allow their reps to sell through parties or home shows. This limits the ability of representatives to adapt their selling strategy to what works best for them.

Additionally, network marketing, the primary method direct sales companies use to sell their products, represents less than 1% of retail sales. Most people are unfamiliar with this marketing method and may be less likely to purchase products from a direct sales representative. Many home party jewelry companies are out of business today, while Pinktown has been around for over 15 years supporting many small business boutique brands.

If you're looking for an alternative to big direct sales home party jewelry companies like Paparazzi,Stella and Dot or Parklane, PinktownUSA is the perfect solution. We offer Trendy Jewelry with great sell-through rates and competitive prices with other direct sales brands. You can choose value dozen packs for $5 jewelry, not the paparazzi option or high quality our regular collection of wholesale accessories.

Our team of experts hand-picks the latest styles loved by your customers, so you can be sure you're always offering the latest trends. We also consider your request as our first and foremost job is to be your supplier and support your brand. And with our suggested markup of 2.5 times your wholesale price, you'll make more money per sale than with any other direct sales company. So if you're looking for an affordable, trendy jewelry option that won't tie you down to build another company's brand, PinktownUSA is a perfect choice.

Draw Backs of Selling High Range

If you're considering selling high-end jewelry, you should know a few things as an independent jewelry consultant. First, home parties can be a great way to generate sales pressure and have fun. However, they're also more involved than they may seem. You'll often need to provide samples and snacks and organize the event. Moreover, the parties themselves can take a few hours. While your friends may enjoy the first party or two, the events can quickly become tedious.

If somebody spends $100 or more on jewelry at one party, they're unlikely to buy much from the next event. The price variation is necessary to cater to different tastes and quality needs, as with Stella and Dot or Parklane jewelry -a jewelry direct sale company. With $5 jewelry direct sales companies, this is typically not an option, and home parties are often not enough to sustain sales. You'll need customers who can afford the items and the freedom to use as many sales channels as possible. It's time to spread your wings and fly to your own destination.

Draw Backs of Selling Low Range

If you're considering selling jewelry with a home party company like Paparazzi, you must be aware of the potential drawbacks. One big downside is that the retail prices are low - only $5 per piece. This means you must sell a lot of jewelry to make a decent income. For example, if you want to earn $3000 per month, you must sell 1335 pieces of jewelry. That's a lot of home parties! It can be exhausting as an independent jewelry consultant, and earnings are often through the recruitment chain only.

Another potential downside is that most party companies are multi-level marketing jewelry MLM companies. This means that in addition to selling jewelry, you may also be expected to recruit other people to sell jewelry. This can be challenging and time-consuming, and often that's the only revenue source. $5 jewelry direct sales companies typically won't cut have enough margin to gain financial independence. So, considering becoming a jewelry party consultant, consider the pros and cons before deciding.

Below is a breakdown of a summary of top direct sales companies and how it compares to Pinktownusa's Offerings. Pinktownusa is not a direct sales company, but we can be an excellent sourcing partner for those ready to establish their own identity and brand.

We don't offer direct sales marketing materials as we not promoting our brand. It's your brand building we are focused on. Our jewelry is perfect for hosting jewelry parties at home or selling to consumers on marketplaces like bonanza or ebay. Whether you're looking for Paparazzi-style fashion jewelry or something more high-end, we're sure to have something that will suit your needs. So take a look at our offerings and see how we can help you take your business to the next level.We provide high-quality jewelry at wholesale prices, and our products can be rebranded to meet the needs of your business. Our jewelry offerings include various styles and designs, so you're sure to find something that your customers will love.


Name Focus Minimums(USD) Retail Price Range(USD) Compensation
PINKTOWNUSA Jewelry & Accessories 50 2-100 60% +
Touchstone Crystal Jewelry using Swarovski gems 99 Necklaces $79 to $129, 
Earrings are $32 to $70
Stella & Dot Jewelry, bags, accessories and related items 59-199 Regularly over $100 25%
Paparazzi Inexpensive costume jewelry 99 most $5 some $25 45%
Plunder Design Vintage and unique jewelry 99 $20- $50 20%
Magnabilities Customizable magnetic jewelry 99 $8-$20 20%-50%
Origami Owl /Think Goodness Customizable jewelry 19 + Product Cost $6-$72. Most at $29 25%-30%
Park Lane Jewelry Elegant Jewelry $99 $22- $200 30-32%
Sabika Statement Jewelry 100 - 250 25 to 250 20%
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