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Red and Black Leather Pendant Set

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Gold and Black Braided Leather Necklace Set Featuring Black Swirled Resin Link Details and Drop Pendant with Red Leather, Matte Gold, and Woven Details. Drop measures 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Magnetic Closure
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Red and Black Leather Pendant Necklace Set
Do you love mixing and matching other necklaces to create a unique look? If so, you're going to love charms and pendant necklaces. These necklaces add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit. Plus, they are perfect for layering with other necklaces. Check out some of the best charm and pendant necklaces today. You're sure to find the perfect necklace for your style!
Red is a color that exudes confidence. It's the color of passion and power. Red is also the color of danger and excitement. Just like a fine piece of red-colored jewelry, this hue demands attention. Red makes us feel alive and on the edge. It's a color that is always worth a thousand tales. When we see red, we can't help but be drawn in by its tantalizing appeal.
Pair your favorite workwear button-downs, suit jackets, or dresses with Red Jewelry for an effortlessly fashionable look that is perfect when you want to be a little more dramatic. For evening wear pair it up in style at any cocktail party by choosing from one of these stylish designs: Emerald green cocktail dress or against purest white fabric – elegant yet youthful-looking. It will pair well with a beachy turquoise dress. For subtle elegance make sure to pair with sea form green rather than lime green. In order not to be overwhelmed by all these options take some time out and think about what kind of style statement do YOU want? A classic bright lip looks great against a white outfit while dark licorice seems perfect when paired up nicely in greys/navy blues etc.
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